Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Modern Folk Embroidery

A couple of days ago I launched my website Modern Folk Embroidery - a site providing cross stitch embroidery patterns influenced by traditional examples with a Scandinavian touch. You can find the website here:

Redwork Cross Stitch Sampler Pattern

I have also opened an Etsy shop ( where you will be able to find some exclusive content, including commissions (which I can't offer on my personal website).

The first new days of the year brought me a lovely package from Petits Details, with a selection of embroidery linens. I wanted to try out the light grey linen first, so I embroidered this little heart on it:

I am quite happy with the result - the white on the light grey looks very pretty I think! I am now working on the redwork sampler depicted earlier in this post. I really enjoy creating the patterns first and then working on a pattern that you've made yourself. It's so nice to see an idea on paper take shape like that!

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