Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Galerie Gravin

I would like to give you a little peek inside Galerie Gravin in Sloten.
Although the Gallery is small I think it looks lovely -  it has definitely lots of character!
The room has still most of its original features. Since the house was built in 1880 this room has always served as a shop, hence the shelves and cupboard.

Besides my own work Galerie Gravin also features work by my son Jacob and a German artist named Wilfriede Doppelfed. Wilfriede devides her time living both in Germany and Fryslân. Although most of Wilfriede's work are abstract compositions, you can sense that she takes most of her inspiration from the Frisian landscape with its flat horizon and wide open spaces.

I highly recommend checking out her website 

If you are visiting Sloten this year I would love to welcome you to Galerie Gravin.
- Geertruida


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  1. Waw Geertruida! Dat ziet er superknusjes uit!! Ik leerde jouw Etsy shop kennen via de Dutch Handmade team! Groetjes Eline